Switzerland and Liechtenstein crypto ecosystem grows amid the crypto winter, study shows

In the midst of crypto winter, the blockchain ecosystem is still thriving in Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s Crypto Valley, according to research by Switzerland-based crypto investment company CV VC. The number of blockchain-based companies has risen by 121, from 629 to 750. Among them, there are four unicorns—Bitmain, Cardano, Dfinity, and Ethereum.

This notable 20 per cent growth stands in contrast to the falling value of cryptocurrencies and blockchain businesses. The end of 2018 saw cryptocurrency prices plummet and crypto industry worldwide was affected, similarly to the 50 largest blockchain companies from the Crypto Valley—their market valuation plunged “from US$44 billion to $20 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018,” the study shows.

Interestingly, CV VC research shows a total of 15 companies entered the top 50 in the fourth quarter—4ARTechnologies, Boscoin, HDAC, ICON, Mt. Pelerin, ODEM, Quant Network, Saga, Santiment, Sygnum, TokenPay Swiss, Nexo, WPP Energy, Utopiamusic und Zulu Republic.