KyberSwap says it will pay 15% bounty if attacker returns $265K in stolen crypto

Quick Take

  • KyberSwap, a multichain DEX aggregator, was hacked this morning and lost $265,000 in user funds.
  • The hack was a malicious exploit in its frontend that targeted accounts with large sums of money.
  • KyberSwap stated it will compensate victims of the hack, and put out a 15% bounty to return the funds.

KyberSwap, a multichain DEX aggregator, disclosed Thursday that a frontend exploit resulted in the theft of $265,000 in user funds.

KyberSwap told victims of the hack it will compensate any funds lost and offered a 15% bounty for the hacker if all the funds are returned.

The code exploit was initially flagged at approximately 2:30 a.m. EST. KyberSwap gave more details about the exploit in its official notice writing: “We identified a malicious code in our Google Tag Manager (GTM) which inserted a false approval, allowing a hacker to transfer a user’s funds to his address.”

“The script had been discreetly injected and specifically targeting whale wallets with large amounts.” the post further explained.

The exploit was neutralized two hours after the team began investigations, and the team urged users to proceed using its platform with caution.

The 15% bug bounty is contingent on all the funds being returned and the hacker speaking directly with the KyberSwap team.

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