Planning for DeFi Mass Adoption with Genius Yield

Only a few years ago, in 2018, developers and entrepreneurs were planning a revolutionary set of decentralized financial (DeFi) services using blockchain technology.  

Fast forward to today, DeFi is making huge changes across the world. 

Third-generation blockchains like Cardano are hosting new DeFi platforms that are doing what earlier, Ethereum-based projects did and doing it better; quicker, cheaper and more securely.  

Genius Yield is at the forefront of these pioneering DeFi platforms. 

Why Genius Yield? 

The biggest hurdle for a DeFi platform is the adoption of people outside of the crypto-sphere. With its mission of “Democratizing DeFi for Everyone”; Genius Yield is going to smash that hurdle to bits. 

What’s wrong with centralised platforms? 

“Not your keys, not your crypto 

Even a quick Google search will reveal the extent of this problem; having your hard-earned investments stored on centralized exchanges (CEXs) puts you at risk of losing the lot. 

In 2022 many CEXs and centralized crypto lending platforms went bankrupt, causing retail clients to lose billions of USD in funds that may never be retrieved. 

They trusted someone else (the centralized platform) with their investment.  

When you store your crypto on a centralized platform, you don’t actually have control of your funds and you are at the mercy of whatever poor decisions are made by those in control. 

DeFi can puts the control back in your hands. 

Advantages of using the Genius Yield Platform. 

What does mass adoption look like? Well, compared to early adopters who want to know the ins and outs of how something works, the masses just want something to work easily and simply. 

Think about music streaming services, do you need to know how it works, or do you just want to search for your track and hit play?  

Exactly! Mass adoption tends to happen when things are simple! 

Enter Genius Yield! 

Genius Yield is an all-in-one DeFi platform that has been designed from the ground up to be as simple as possible. It will give users access to a suite of DeFi products, without the complexity of current platforms.  

The Genius Yield platform will comprise two interconnected products; The Genius DEX and Smart Liquidity Vaults. GENS is a native token of Genius DEX and the whole Genius Yield platform. 

GENS holders, who decide to stake their tokens, will also receive governance rights; they will be able to use Genius DAO and vote on submitted improvement proposals as well as a basket of other utlitities. 

The Genius DEX 

The Genius DEX is an order-book-based concentrated liquidity decentralized exchange(DEX). An order-book DEX of this kind can only be built on Cardano as it makes use of its EUTxO (Extended Unspent Transaction Output) architecture.  

So, what makes the Genius DEX special? Well, in simple terms it provides the major functionality of a CEX, without the aforementioned shortcomings. 

So…what exciting features can you find on Genius DEX? 

Smart Swaps. 

At the core of the Genius DEX are Smart Swaps. Smart Swaps allow a user to create buy or sell orders that automatically execute when a (user) defined set of criteria is met. They bring together the best of both CEXs and DEXs.  

Much like you find on Ethereum’s Automated Market Maker (AMM) DEXs (e.g. UniSwap), you can perform market orders (exchanging immediately at the best market price).  

However, it doesn’t stop there, you can also place limit orders, the kind you usually only find on centralized exchanges. 

Wait…there’s more! 

The Genius DEX also offers novel order types; Dynamic and Algorithmic orders.  


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  • Dynamic orders can be set to trigger by a variable other than price, such as a technical indicator hitting a specified level e.g.relative strength index (RSI).  
  • Algorithmic orders can be set to combine some or all of the above for  multi-level trading strategies. 

But what is concentrated liquidity? 

Similar to what is found on Uniswap V3, concentrated liquidity allows users to provide liquidity across a specific price range rather than having it set thinly across an infinite range.  

This allows liquidity providers (LPs) to earn more rewards with a smaller investment.   

Benefit to the user:  

The Genius DEX marries the best of centralised exchanges and AMM DEXs, whilst also adding new, unique features, all packaged together in an intuitive UI, perfect for new-to-crypto users. 

The Smart Liquidity Vault 

This is where the simplicity kicks in. 

As we mentioned earlier, mass adoption won’t happen until a user experience arrives that removes all complexity.  

Sitting directly on top of the Genius DEX are the Smart Liquidity Vaults. A yield optimization protocol that has all the wizardry under the hood but an incredibly simple user interface. 

Users provide liquidity as with other platforms but instead of having to manually adjust liquidity positions to stay within optimal price ranges, LPs deposit their liquidity, and then simply select a liquidity management strategy.  

Behind the scenes, trading bots automatically execute advanced trading strategies to maximise yield opportunities. The smart liquidity vault will use dynamic and algorithmic orders to get the best results from smart swaps and concentrated liquidity positions. 

The smart liquidity vault also auto-compounds your rewards…now that’s simply genius! 

Benefit to the user:  

Smart liquidity vault users can make the most of cutting-edge trading and yield optimization strategies without needing to understand how it works. They just set their parameters and the smart liquidity vault maximizes their annual percentage yield. 

The $GENS Staking Program 

GENS is a native token of Genius DEX and the whole Genius Yield platform, therefore it will be used for all sorts of trades and swaps.  

Thanks to GENS tokens users will be able to fully utilize the potential of the Genius Yield platform. Moreover, holding and staking the GENS token, will offer a host of additional utilities: 

  • 20% of the trading fees from the Genius DEX will be redistributed to participants of the GENS staking program 
  • 20% of the Smart Liquidity Vault fees will be redistributed to GENS staking program participants. 
  • Governance rights - participants gain voting power in the future development of the Genius Yield platform. 
  • Access to premium content and discounts in the Genius Academy educational platform 
  • Genius Pay crypto wallet - additional perks  

To access these utilities, token holders can stake their GENS tokens in a Genius pool.  

This is information material, not a financial advice / endorsement. Do your own research before acquiring any token and/or cryptocurrency. 

Final Thoughts 

Genius Yield is removing the complexity of DeFi, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of what can be offered.  

With platforms like Genius Yield built on third-generation blockchains like Cardano, mass adoption is inevitable.  

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