Two Yuga Labs leaders to be deposed amid the Ryder Ripps legal showdown

Quick Take

  • A California court ruled that two Yuga Labs leaders must be deposed, or submit to a question-and-answer session in court. 
  • The move follows a legal saga that started in June 2022. 

The legal saga continues for Yuga Labs, the creator of the hit NFT project Bored Ape Yacht club, and NFT artist Ryder Ripps. 

A federal court in California ruled that two of Yuga Labs's founders, Wylie Aronow and Greg Solano, are not apex witnesses and therefore must be deposed. 

A deposition is when an individual submits to a question and answering in advance of a trial. But now, Ripps — a defendent in the case — is claiming on Twitter that Aronow is not appearing in court for a deposition.

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"If he does not appear, Yuga will responsible for payment of any expenses associated with the failed deposition. The parties must then meet and confer in good faith on an alternate date for the deposition of Mr. Aranow as soon as convenient," noted the Jan. 8 filing in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. 

The legal saga first began in June 2022 when Yuga Labs filed a lawsuit claiming that Ryder Ripps violated Yuga's intellectual property through "copycat" NFTs. Ripps lawyered up and filed a counterclaim stating that each NFT is by unique by design, and so the NFTs cannot be copied. 

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