Consensys launches automated security tool for smart contracts

Quick Take

  • Ethereum developer Consensys released Fuzzing, a tool to automate smart contract security testing process. 
  • This tool allows developers to identify vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts without needing to set up a special infrastructure.

Ethereum developer Consensys' smart contract audit unit Diligence has released "Fuzzing," a self-service tool that allows developers to seamlessly identify vulnerabilities in their Ethereum smart contracts, removing the need to establish their own infrastructure or design intricate test cases, the team mentioned.

Diligence Fuzzing is grounded in the concept of fuzzing — a software testing technique that feeds a program a sequence of random or unexpected inputs, aiming to elicit bugs, crashes, or vulnerabilities. This release follows the alarming $3 billion lost to protocol hacks in 2022.

The tool utilizes an advanced type of fuzzing technique called greybox fuzzing to pinpoint bugs in smart contracts. This approach examines the functional properties of entire contract systems, not just individual functions. Its thorough approach sets it apart, making it notably more efficient than other available smart contract audit tools, Consensys asserts.

Automating security audits

When paired with Scribble, another open-source tool from Consensys, developers can streamline their security testing process, deploying securely on the Ethereum mainnet using Diligence Fuzzing.

“Our automated tool is meticulously crafted to unearth vulnerabilities in smart contracts. It stands out by offering an unmatched security solution, setting benchmarks for code coverage, speed, and bug detection,” said Liz Daldalian, the Lead at Consensys Diligence. “The launch of Diligence Fuzzing solidifies our unwavering devotion to enhancing smart contract security, aiming to make it user-friendly and accessible to all developers in the Ethereum ecosystem.”

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