Stablecoin protocol HAI to have airdrop ahead of mainnet launch on Optimism

Quick Take

  • Reflexer Finance’s stablecoin protocol HAI will have an airdrop on Feb. 12.
  • Over 18,000 qualified participants will receive 22.3% of HAI’s governance token KITE.

The decentralized stablecoin and lending protocol HAI will have an airdrop next week prior to its mainnet launch on Optimism. 

HAI will disseminate 22.3% of its governance token KITE to 18,034 qualified wallets, according to a statement. The airdrop will occur on Feb. 12, ahead of HAI launching on Optimism Mainnet on Feb. 20. Qualified users include Reflexer Protocol users, individuals who used the HAI testnet and Optimism governance participants holdings over 50 $OP who voted more than once, HAI founder Ameen Soleimani explained. 

HAI is pinned to numerous decentralized crypto assets rather than fiat currency. It's a fork of RAI, a non-pegged Ethereum-based stablecoin born from the protocol Reflexer Finance. Reflexer lets people deposit crypto assets as a collateral to mint RAI, which stays stable via algorithm.

Decentralized stablecoins

"With HAI launching on Optimism, users receive all the benefits of RAI’s robust and resilient
system, but with the speed, scale and usability of Optimism," said Luke Hamilton, co-founder
of HAI. "In this new era of truly decentralized stablecoins, HAI’s unique controlled-peg
mechanism will create the next generation of decentralized currency, resistant to economic
shifts and human error."