Casa opens its code to the public

Cryptocurrency wallet Casa is open sourcing the code for the Casa Node, the company has announced. The startup provides safe key storage and allows quick access to the lightning network. The code will be available for modification for both private and commercial use, under an MIT license. 

“We aim to provide a product that is user friendly, reputable, and secure,” wrote Jameson Lopp, the company’s CTO. “We believe that making the Casa Node code publicly available will result in a more robust and trustworthy platform, thus fueling faster adoption.”

The company is also organizing responsible disclosure and bug bounty program. It is planning to pay rewards for disclosing “severe vulnerabilities that threaten a user’s privacy or funds.”

Casa is also launching a browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox to enable users an easier interaction with their Casa Nodes. The extensions will streamline the process—no longer requiring the user to open another tab to open the main Casa dashboard and enter all the information manually on lightning-network-enabled websites, Casa founder Jeremy Welch explained.