Elevated Returns sets to tokenise $1 billion of real estate on Tezos using Securitize DS Protocol

Elevated Returns (ER), a financial group known for its tokenisation efforts of the Aspen St. Regis Resort, has announced its plans to switch its tokenised real-estate offerings from ethereum to Tezos. To make sure the transition will run smoothly, the firm is working with the Tocqueville Group, as well as their compliance partner Securitize.

"We are thrilled to select Tezos to provide investors with the highest security and compliant tokenised real estate offering experience possible,” said Stephane de Baets, President of Elevated Returns. “With the Tezos-powered solution and its integration in the Securitize portal technology, we feel we have a total solution," he added.

Securitize has recently upgraded ER’s Aspencoin token to their own DS protocol, which will now be adopted as a “defining standard for the Tezos blockchain” according to the company’s CEO, Carlos Domingo.