Associated Press partners with Chainlink to put its journalistic information on a blockchain

The independent news organization The Associated Press (AP) announced Thursday that it has partnered with the decentralized blockchain oracle network Chainlink to put its journalism on a blockchain. 

The move is designed to help developers writing blockchain-based applications implement AP’s data and information through AP’s Chainlink node, which connects the off-blockchain sources to blockchain-based smart contracts. Such information could include financial data, sports data or election race calls integrated into blockchain-based apps.

“Because AP is such an important source for fact-based and trusted information around the world, we see this as an opportunity to provide blockchain users with data and info they can trust. We believe that blockchain networks are a fundamentally important technology because they not only allow but demand veracity,” wrote Dwayne Desaulniers, AP’s director of blockchain and data licensing, in a statement. 

AP had partnered with the blockchain startup Everipedia to place its national and state race call information for the 2020 U.S. presidential election on a blockchain back in October of 2020. 

AP is not the only news publication that that has explored decentralized ledgers. The New York Times’s created The News Provenance Project in 2019 to create immutable records of its photos’ origins. Reuters collaborated with the blockchain-focused research center The Starling Lab to document the presidential transition of Donald Trump to Joe Biden in 2020.