Ethereum Foundation outlines $1 million in grants to crypto advocacy efforts

The Ethereum Foundation, a non-profit organization supporting Ethereum and other blockchain technology, which is separate from Ethereum tech development, is setting aside $1 million USD for grants designed for Ethereum and blockchain tech education and advocacy. 

According to a blog post published on Tuesday, the Ethereum Foundation will split the million-dollar grant pool into two halves: $500,000 for Coin Center, Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fight for the Future — organizations educating legislators on crypto technology — and $500,000 to be used by the Gitcoin community to decide how the funds should be allocated. Gitcoin is a platform that incentivizes developers to work on open-source software. 

To be sure, the Ethereum Foundation launched other grant programs this year. In May, the Foundation launched the Ethereum Foundation Fellowship Program to support Ethereum builders in emerging economies. And prior to this year, the Foundation financially supported those developing Ethereum tech with the Ecosystem Support Program