Accenture announces a blockchain app which lets consumers track and tip sustainably sourced products

A new blockchain app prototype announced by Accenture lets consumers keep track of sustainable business practices and tip producers for making environmentally-conscious choices, CoinDesk writes. The firm has partnered up with MasterCard and Everledger to develop a circular supply chain which will close the loop between consumers and producers. It will also increase the transparency of the choices made along the way.

Producers will be able to register on the app and submit their certifications to the system. By scanning a product in store, consumers will then be able to check the journey the product has taken before ending up in their hands. Buyers will also be given an option to reward the farmers for making sustainable choices by tipping them with token or fiat.

Accenture has also teamed up with a humanitarian aid organisation Mercy Corps to select areas in which their product could make the biggest impact.

“In this stage of the project, we are exploring possible agricultural programs in our current program portfolio to pilot Circular Supply Chain,” said Ric Shreves of Mercy Corps. “We think it will be best suited for boutique consumer goods, for example, single origin coffee, as opposed to bulk goods.”