HPE, Continental launch blockchain-based platform to monetize vehicle data

Continental and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have announced their Data Monetization Platform (DMP) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The DPM is a blockchain-based platform that enables vehicle data sharing. It promises improved driver safety while providing producers a way to monetize the telematics data they gather.

The DPM provides an alternative to the current centralized system, where car manufacturers store the data. Vehicle data can be used for better driver-assistance services to avoid traffic, for instance.

“Sharing vehicle data across vendors can solve some of the toughest traffic problems and improve driver experience by leveraging the power of swarm intelligence,” said Phil Davis, President Hybrid IT, Chief Sales Officer, HPE.

The platform will launch later this year. There will be a consent management system integrated into the platform, providing drivers with an opt-in and opt-out system.