Former Trump admin official Mick Mulvaney tapped as advisor for Astra Protocol

Swiss-based Astra Protocol has hired Mick Mulvaney, former White House acting chief of staff for former US President Donald Trump, as a strategic advisor.

The crypto firm is a decentralized compliance solution, which helps protocols deal with compliance regulation “without giving up decentralization or putting investors at risk,” it states on the website.

Mulvaney told Bloomberg that firms like Astra “can take some of the cloak-and-dagger out of crypto and take some of the mystery out of blockchain.”

Astra will tap into the former government official’s “expertise across a variety of regulatory environments,” according to a statement from the company.

Mulvaney also served as director of the US Office of Management and Budget during Trump’s presidency. Prior to that, he notably served as a US Representative from the state of South Carolina.

Recently Mulvaney was also tapped by CBS News to work as a contributor, a move that caused some controversy.