New crypto wallet and dApps now available on Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung has announced its new cryptocurrency wallet and first four dApps available for its new Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, CoinDesk writes. The announcement followed Galaxy S10's premiere on March 8.

Samsung Blockchain Wallet supports ether and ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. The new mobile phone doesn't currently support bitcoin, even though Samsung featured bitcoin logo on its pre-release presentation images. Galaxy S10 phone users can download the wallet from the Samsung Galaxy Store. However, according to CoinDesk, the services should be available on other Samsung devices in the future.

Four dApps are also available for Galaxy S10 mobile phones. As suspected before, Galaxy S10 supports beauty social media app Cosmee and crypto gaming platform Enjin. There are currently two more dApps available—blockchain game CryptoKitties and payment service CoinDuck. All dApps will be supported by the Samsung Blockchain Wallet.