SEC’S FinHub to organize local meetups

In an attempt to engage more businesses, the U.S. SEC’s Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology (FinHub) is organizing a series of local peer-to-peer fintech-related meetups, the SEC announced on its website.

The first meetup will take place in the SEC’s San Francisco Regional Office on March 26. Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to ask questions or discuss issues with FinHub representatives. Moreover, fintechs will have a change to give the SEC feedback and "inform the SEC's understanding of new financial technologies." 

The SEC’s senior advisor Valerie Szczepanik told CoinDesk that FinHub staff will be able to answer questions, but not give any legal advice—“We can’t give legal advice to any individual or member of the public, but we often give guidance to folks as they talk us through their proposed projects.”