Coinbase Pro to list EOS, Augur, and Maker

Coinbase announced in a blog post on Friday that its Coinbase Pro product will begin accepting deposits for EOS, Augur, and Maker on Tuesday, April 18. Deposits will be taken for at least 12 hours before enabling trading to establish liquidity. The announcement notes that EOS and Augur will be available to customers in all supported jurisdictions with the exception of the New York State. For Maker, it will be supported for all jurisdictions outside the US. Coinbase notes that additional jurisdictions may be added in the future. At this time none of the assets will be available on, but it was pointed out that if and when they are there will be a separate announcements for any additions.  The three listed assets offer the following:

  • EOS is a smart contract platform for decentralized applications  
  • Augur is a crypto-asset for prediction markets 
  • Maker is a smart contract platform that issues CDPs (collateral debt positions) which help stabilize the value of the associated decentralized stablecoin (Dai)