Casa kicks off data privacy campaign with a privacy policy update

Casa is changing the way companies present their privacy policies.

The cryptocurrency custody startup has unveiled its enhancement to the traditional privacy policy, which it calls the "Privacy and Data Protection Policy." The new policy is designed to make it more user-friendly to website visitors and takes steps, Casa says, to ensure it abides by its mission of "maximizing personal sovereignty and safety."

"It is explicitly designed to lock us in as a company," CEO Jeremy Welch tells The Block. "If we tried to do any of the things mentioned in the document that we are not doing now, we’d have to change this document." Some snippets from its privacy policy include not using retargeting/advertising cookies, third-party data tracking mechanisms, and external chat applications where user data can be skimmed. The overhaul is part of Casa's #MyDataMyLife privacy campaign.

In addition to revamping its privacy policy, Casa is also open-sourcing it to make it easier for other companies to adopt its standard of privacy.

"Privacy policy is one of those things that people have gotten used to," says Welch. And because of that "companies purposely create these very hard to read documents." According to CTO Jameson Lopp, the reason Casa is open-sourcing its new privacy policy is because it wants to raise the bar and set a new standard on how companies interact with their customer's data.

“The easiest way for a company to secure customer’s data is for them not to store it," says Lopp.