Cypherpunk Holdings invests in Samourai Wallet

Katana Cryptographic, the company behind Samourai Wallet, has raised $100,000 in funding from Cypherpunk Holdings, CoinDesk writes. The company has created the Android app—Samourai Wallet—to provide better privacy for bitcoin transactions. According to Katana’s CEO Keonne Rodriguez, the company has no plans on introducing other coins, or “other layers of bitcoin” at this point.

The wallet provides privacy enhancing services for a small fee in bitcoin. The services, for instance, obscure the provenance of someone’s bitcoin. It has also designed a bitcoin node called Dojo that works with the wallet.

The company is planning to release a full version of the product this month. According to Rodriguez, the funding will go to development, customer service and quality assurance program.

"Katana’s technologies will advance the bitcoin project,” said Moe Adham, Cypherpunk’s chief investment officer. “Privacy is an increasingly important, yet underfunded sector of the market, and it is increasingly coming under attack.”