Pharmaceutical company to develop blockchain-based platform for people with diabetes

Germany-based pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim has partnered up with a blockchain healthcare platform Solve.Care to help patients with diabetes, Solve.Care announced in a press release. Together, the companies are planning to design a blockchain network for data sharing called the Diabetes Care Administration Network.

The platform will be based on Solve.Care’s existing blockchain platform, and it will contain information about patients with diabetes to make coordinating care for patients easier. It’ll also provide information regarding diabetes-associated risks as well as prevention and symptom.

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“The Diabetes Care Administration Network will help bridge a knowledge gap by providing a platform which offers vital information on diabetes and cardiovascular diseases in an easily accessible manner,” said Solve.Care CEO Pradeep Goel. “This is invaluable in the healthcare ecosystem as it allows patients to gain a better understanding of their disease while also coordinating their care needs.”

The Diabetes Care Administration Network is expected to launch by the end of the year. It will first be available for more than 25,000 patients through accountable care organisation Arizona Care Network.

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