Hackers stole as much as $10M in Ripple in a GateHub hack

As much as $10 million in Ripple might have been stolen from Ripple Ledger wallets managed by service provider GateHub, The Next Web's Hard Fork writes. According to XRP enthusiast Thomas Silkjær, 23,200,000 XRP have been stolen, with $5.5 million (13,100,000 XRP) already having “been laundered through exchanges and mixer services.”

GateHub has admitted a breach has taken place, affecting more than 100 Ripple Ledger wallets. While it is investigating the hack, it has yet to determine the cause.

“Recently, we have been notified by our customers and community members about funds on their XRP Ledger wallets being stolen and immediately started monitoring network activity, and conducted an extensive internal investigation,” GateHub CEO and founder Enej Pungercar wrote.

The company has contacted all users who might have been affected by the hack, informing them how to protect their funds. GateHub has also informed appropriate Law Enforcement Agencies about the hack.