Ripple’s Xpring invests $500 million in more than 20 companies

A year ago, Ripple’s ecosystem initiative Xpring has set out to build “the Internet of Value” and foster XPR adoption across the ecosystem. Since conception, Xpring has contributed $500 million in more than 20 companies.

The platform has attracted both small and big projects. Among notable investments, it provided $100 million to a gaming platform Forte. However, its investment ranged across many different areas besides gaming; it contributed to a U.S. securities project Securitize, payment project Bolt Labs, or a crypto 'scout fund' Robot Ventures.

Ripple hopes to spread adoption of its blockchain infrastructure—XRP Ledger and Interledger projects—and to popularise its cryptocurrency by enabling the creation of “real use cases for XRP.”

Xpring has designed a developer platform with resources like tools, libraries and services for developers. In the future, Xpring team is planning to focus on the further development of XRP Ledger, blockchain interoperability, and decentralised finance.

“We believe a tech stack for crypto that is broadly interoperable across chains and layers will deliver the best experience for both developers and end users. We support the Interledger Protocol as a standard for transacting across systems, and are interested in other infrastructures that allow for cross-chain interaction.”