Former Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd accused of sexual misconduct

Three people submitted statements accusing former Bitcoin Core developer Peter Todd of sexual misconduct this week.

The statements are a response to Todd's defamation lawsuit, which he filed in April against transgender cryptographer Isis Agora Lovecruft for accusing him of being a rapist in a tweet.

Lovecruft's statement accuses Todd of sexual harassment. He allegedly made “explicit, verbal sexual advances” in 2014 towards Lovecruft in professional settings like conferences. During a meeting in September 2015 set up between the two to discuss Bitcoin-related security issues, Todd allegedly made inappropriate sexual advances towards Lovecruft, describing explicit sexual scenarios. “I’m going to shove my cock in you so hard and beat you until you beg for more,” Todd allegedly told them. 

The statement also explains that the specific accusation they made on Twitter stems from claims made by another alleged victim, referred to as “Jane Doe”, who says Todd took advantage of her medical condition to rape her.

Zooko Wilcox, founder and CEO at the Zcash Company, also issued a statement. He says he connected Lovecruft with two other alleged victims and corroborated Doe's experience of being  "pressured [] into sex while she was in a mentally compromised state."

Both Doe and Lovecruft referred to the experiences as “traumatic,” in their interview with CoinDesk. Doe also shared her concern over Todd's influence on the crypto community.