Ethereum wallet MetaMask rolls out beta version of its mobile app

Ethereum wallet MetaMask has released a public beta version of its mobile application with some new features, on both Android and iOS phones.

The app, MetaMask Mobile, allows exploring a decentralized app (dapp) “in about 30 seconds” with improved onboarding experience, the firm announced Tuesday.

It also lets users sync MetaMask's desktop extension, including wallet accounts, tokens and transaction history, to the mobile app. “Your desktop extension will simply generate a QR code and when scanned by your mobile device a sync of information will happen in seconds,” the firm said.

The mobile app also supports crypto-collectibles, meaning users can send, receive, and view their collectibles on the go. Other features include “instant and free (gasless) ” payments, crypto buying facility, ability to send assets in fiat or crypto, among other features.

Earlier this year, MetaMask said at least 1.1 million transactions went through its platform in April. Sixty-three percent of these transactions were happening on Ethereum’s mainnet. However, they also experienced 71,000 transactions on other networks, showing that their browser is going beyond just Ethereum.