Tron's Justin Sun apologizes for 'vulgar' self-promotion ahead of Warren Buffett lunch

Tron founder Justin Sun today publicly apologized for “over-marketing” his scheduled lunch date with Warren Buffett and his previous disregard to Chinese regulators, amidst speculation that he is currently under border control imposed by the Chinese government. 

Sun wrote today on the Chinese social media platform Weibo that he “would like to express my sincere apologies to the public, the media, the leaders and regulators who care for me.” In the post, he acknowledged that what he has done to promote himself and his company was “vulgar” and “out of control," and promised that he will reduce his public appearances in the future.

Notably, Sun also apologized to the Chinese news outlet Caixin, which first reported that Sun is under border control issued by the Chinese government. Sun immediately rebutted Caixin's allegations on Weibo, claiming that the news was fake. In his latest apology, however, Sun made a 180-degree turn in his attitude, praising Caixin as a reputable media outlet. 

Meanwhile, Caixin followed up with its first report, saying that Sun has been on the list of border control since July 2018. Given that he just made a public appearance in San Francisco via a live streaming video, the news media questioned how he was able to bypass the detention and leave the country.

According to a Bloomberg report, several Tron executives were detained by Chinese authorities. However they were soon released after Sun agreed to postpone the lunch with Buffett.  

Sun won the bid to dine with the Wall Street legend Warren Buffett in June, paying a record $4.5 million, but recently announced that he had to put off the lunch due to health concerns. Media attention on Sun spiked after this announcement, as Caixin reported that Sun might have been detained by the government. Sun was at the time in fact making a public appearance in San Francisco.