tZERO security tokens now open for trading to retail investors

Security token trading platform tZERO, a subsidiary of retail giant Overstock, has now opened up its TZROP security tokens to non-accredited or retail investors.

Previously available only to accredited or wealthy investors, TZROP tokens can now be traded by all investors, regardless of their net worth, tZERO announced Monday.

“TZROP provides investors with direct exposure to tZERO’s revenue growth through its quarterly dividend model,” the firm said, adding that it may distribute a quarterly dividend “equal to 10% of tZERO’s adjusted gross revenue” to the token holders. Dividends could be paid in U.S. dollars, bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH) or additional security tokens.

tZERO’s year-to-date financials, however, have been somewhat disappointing, with a net loss of $25.4 million (slightly higher than the $22.3 loss from Overstock’s retail business). But now, given that TZROP tokens have been opened up for all investors and the likelihood that tZERO will add more security tokens to its platform, the firm could see increased revenues within the next few quarters, per The Block’s research.