Goldman Sachs' Global Co-Head of Securities on The Scoop

Listen to the new episode of The Scoop with Goldman Sachs' R. Martin Chavez later today!   

R. Martin Chavez is perhaps one of the most senior technologists on Wall Street as the global co-head of securities at Goldman Sachs. The New Mexico native now runs a trading business that saw $2 billion in revenues during the second quarter of 2019. But Martin has worn many hats at the bank, having served as its chief financial officer as well as its chief information officer. In those roles he drove technology to the center of the business over several years, spearheading initiatives such as SecDB and Goldman Sachs' Marquee platform. On this episode of The Scoop, Chavez talked about the evolution of banking over the past 20 years, Goldman’s foray into bitcoin and why he thinks the Fed will end up making its own cryptocurrency.

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