SatoshiLabs releases bitcoin-only firmware for Trezor devices

SatoshiLabs, the Czech Republic-based firm behind the Trezor hardware wallet, has released a bitcoin-only firmware for its devices. Users of SatoshiLabs' Trezor One and Model T devices can now test the bitcoin-only firmware through the firm's beta testing feature. The firm plans to release a "stable version" of the firmware next month.

SatoshiLabs' announcement comes after a recent wave of bitcoin-only hardware wallets coming to market. In 2018, Coinkite, the firm behind the bitcoin-only hardware wallet Coldcard, started shipping its initial batch of devices to early buyers. More recently, Shift Cryptosecurity, the firm behind the BitBox hardware wallet, released its second iteration of the device with two versions: a bitcoin-only wallet and multi-coin wallet.