NYDFS is hiring a deputy superintendent with 'special’ focus on crypto

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), the financial regulator for the state, is seeking to hire a deputy superintendent with a “special” focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

According to a job posting by the regulator, the position is for its recently created Research and Innovation Division, which oversees the licensing of cryptocurrency firms.

The key responsibilities of the new hire would be to provide expertise on policy decisions regarding cryptocurrency markets and to guide the staff responsible for reviewing and processing applications for licenses, such as BitLicense, by cryptocurrency firms.

The successful candidate would also have to coordinate with other state and federal regulators, as well as provide ongoing advice to the NYDFS on cryptocurrencies and related technologies.

Applicants with compliance and legal experience on blockchain and cryptocurrencies are preferred by the regulator, per the posting. The closing date for applications is Oct. 31.

The NYDFS created the Research and Innovation Division in July, with four executive appointments - Matthew Homer as executive deputy superintendent, Matthew Siegel and Olivia Bumgardner as deputy superintendents and Andrew Lucas as counsel to the division.

The new posting could either be a replacement for Siegel or Bumgardner, or could also be an additional hire.