Gauntlet announces partnership with Stellar, Celo, and Compound

Gauntlet has announced that it is partnering with Stellar, Celo, and Compound to help the teams behind the protocols "design, launch, and scale new financial systems."

Gauntlet provides consulting and stress-testing services for businesses building blockchain networks. According to the firm, it helps companies build "economically sound blockchain protocols and applications." To do this, Gauntlet has developed a platform that provides an interactive environment to simulate developments on blockchain networks. This ensures that code for the networks is properly executed and that the software behind the networks creates a usable and viable system.

For the partnerships announced today, Gauntlet will help Stellar prevent disruptions to its network, Compound model market risk scenarios for its protocol, and Celo model the stability mechanism for its token.

“We’re excited to demonstrate the versatility of applying trading technologies to the design of many facets of crypto networks: peer-to-peer networking, stablecoins, and lending," Gauntlet CEO Tarun Chitra told The Block.