Bakkt's monthly bitcoin futures hit all-time-high of $37M

Bitcoin futures market Bakkt just logged the largest single-day volumes for its physically-settled monthly bitcoin future contract. 

Volumes hit ~$37.45 million on Wednesday, passing its previous high of ~$19.96 million on November 22. The total volume of Bakkt’s monthly bitcoin futures now stands at $269.64 million (33,036BTC) since the market launched on Sept. 23. The average volume has been ~$5.62 million (688.25 BTC) a day over the last 48 trading days.  

The break-neck growth of the market was predicted by CoinRoutes CEO Dave Weisberger, who noted some markets experience "hockey stick growth."

"There's an old expression: liquidity begets liquidity," he told The Block on November 25

In October, Bakkt rolled out a liquidity incentive program, which is awaiting approval from the CFTC. It could further fuel the growth of the new market. The Intercontinental Exchange-backed venture is also looking to roll-out an options market tied to bitcoin in December