News publication uploads an entire article onto Ethereum and IPFS

Popula, a journalist-owned ad-free publication, announced that one of its editors, Maria Bustillos, has uploaded a news article onto the Ethereum blockchain and the IPFS network. According to Bustillos, to her knowledge, "this is the very first story ever archived by a U.S. publication straight onto to the Ethereum blockchain." Popula is one of several newsrooms supported by Civil, a blockchain marketplace for journalism. Bustillos worked with members of the Civil team to get her story archived. 

While this may be the first case of a story uploaded to the Ethereum blockchain in the U.S., there have many instances, outside of the U.S., of articles uploaded to blockchains to avoid censorship. In July, Chinese residents uploaded an investigative piece on a vaccine scandal onto the Ethereum blockchain to prevent the Chinese government from taking the article down. Similarly, in April, Chinese activists uploaded a student's open letter regarding alleged sexual harassment from a university professor to avoid government censorship.