Former candidate for Georgia Governor lies about his crypto mining equipment being stolen

Back in May 2018, a state Senator and former candidate for Georgia Governor Michael Williams reported the theft of $300,000 worth of cryptocurrency mining servers from his Gainesville office. According to the Gainesville Times news, the case turned out to be insurance fraud as Williams turned himself in on Wednesday, December 26. Williams stands accused of lying to policemen and investigators as well as insurance fraud, as he claimed: “that computer servers were stolen from his place of business, when in fact they were not.”

“Mr. Williams did not do this,” says A.J. Richman, William’s attorney. “We are not really apprised of their evidence yet. While they haven’t disclosed that, I am sure they will soon. But at this point, we don’t know what if they say we did other than what the indictment says.”

Williams was released on the same day, after a $10,000 bond was agreed upon.