As the primary price discovery venue, LMAX Digital satisfies all the fundamental demands Institutional clients have for trading crypto currencies

Continuing its solid growth trajectory with H1 2020 volumes more than doubling versus H1 2019, LMAX Digital is clearly satisfying the need of the Institutional market for a trusted and secure crypto currency trading platform.

LMAX Group robust technology and infrastructure (currently processing over 1 billion orders per day in the global FX market) is the solid backbone of LMAX Digital, delivering access to deep institutional liquidity, transparent price discovery, a regulated trading environment and full custodian trading solution:

  • Central limit order book - streaming, firm institutional liquidity only
  • 200 price updates per second
  • Ultra-low latency (< 180μs), precise, consistent execution
  • Safe, secure, offline multi-signature cold wallets and vault storage
  • Full custodian solution
  • Regulated, transparent and secure trading environment
  • Best of breed security, compliance & AML/KYC expertise

LMAX Digital: secure, liquid, trusted crypto trading & custodial services. Regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.