Ex-Trump cabinet member joins Daniel Cannon’s blockchain investment firm Artillery One

Former U.S. Interior Secretary and Montana congressman Ryan Zinke has joined Daniel Cannon’s Artillery One as managing director, The Daily Beast reports. The blockchain investment and fintech consulting company hired Zinke after he had resigned from his cabinet post in mid-December amid multiple ethics violations inquiries.

While Zinke denies the accusations against him, his new boss doesn't exactly have a clean slate himself. Cannon’s FINRA profile is marked with several eyebrow-raising highlights including an unresolved $1.6 million federal tax lien from 2001, several drug possession charges, and “churning” accusations, The Daily Beast reports.

According to an Artillery One news release, Zinke’s position will largely focus on business relations—later this month, he will represent the company at the Crypto Finance Conference in Switzerland.


Image credit: U.S. Department of the Interior via AP