Mastermind behind Iceland's massive 2018 mining equipment heist sentenced to prison

The Icelandic mining rig theft saga has come to a close with the sentencing of Sindri Stefanson, the architect behind the whole operation, CCN reports. Back in December of 2017, Stefanson’s team stole crypto mining equipment valued at $800,000, none of which has been found to this day.

Soon after his initial arrest, Stefanson famously escaped from a low-security prison in Iceland and fled to Amsterdam, where he was later apprehended. Stefanson was sentenced to 4.5 years in jail for the burglaries. Notably, his escape did not add to his sentence as the act is not considered a crime in Iceland. Stefanson’s co-conspirators have received lighter sentences, ranging from six to 20 months of jail time. Additionally, all of the burglars will need to pay back the sum of $272,000 in compensation to Advania, the firm whose equipment they stole.