Bitcoin miner revenue by TH/s hits a new record high in 2020

Bitcoin miner revenue measured by terahash per second (TH/s) has hit a new record high this year, according to data tracked by The Block Research.

The latest data shows that each bitcoin miner is making $0.19 daily per TH/s of computing power — the highest amount this year. The last highest figure this year was $0.17, in February, when bitcoin was trading at around $10,500 prior to the halving event. The Block's data uses a 7-day moving average for mining revenue per TH/s.

In terms of total dollar revenue, bitcoin miners made $24.27 million just yesterday, out of which $21.59 million came from block subsidies and the rest from transaction fees.

While the revenue is increasing, bitcoin mining difficulty, an indicator of competition among bitcoin miners, has been steady for about a month. The current difficulty is 18.60 T (trillion) compared to its all-time high of around 20 T recorded in October.