Brave browser's Swag Store now sells NFTs

Privacy-oriented Brave browser's Swag Store now sells non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or digital collectibles that are tokenized on blockchain.

Brave has partnered with Origin Protocol for the initiative, which powers its store via decentralized e-commerce marketplace Dshop since April last year. The extended partnership now allows Brave to sell NFTs in return for crypto payments.

Swag Store accepts ether (ETH) and Brave's native basic attention token (BAT) for payments, in addition to credit cards.

Brave's first NFT sale features a total of 30 collectible tokens and physical stickers based on the three winning submissions in its recent Brave and BAT Community Meme Competition. In the coming weeks, Brave is also expected to release "a very limited set" of NFTs, created by designers at Brave and Origin.

NFTs have soared in popularity in recent weeks as artists and brands are venturing into the space. Over the past 30 days, NFT sales have topped a record $100 million, according to tracker Cryptoslam. Dapper Labs' NBA Top Shot holds the lion's share, followed by CryptoPunks.

"NFTs are more than digital art," said Matthew Liu, cofounder of Origin Protocol. "They can serve not only as collectible, transferable assets but as digital representations of real-world goods and services. For example, NFTs representing limited edition premium goods can be bought, traded, and then redeemed."