Twitch co-founder's Fractal NFT project gets hijacked — $154,000 stolen

Quick Take

  • Ahead of the project’s launch, a bot used for its Discord channel was hacked.
  • The perpetrator put a link to a fake NFT site, which sucked money from unsuspecting users.

Usually when an NFT project drops, the one safe space is the announcements channel — it's the only place (except perhaps the FAQ) to look for the official website to mint the NFTs. Only in this case, it was a false friend.

Ahead of the launch of the Fractal NFT drop, a bot used for the project's Discord was hacked. This let the perpetrator send out a message in its announcements channel with a link to a fake minting website (that used an "i" instead of an "l").

Those that clicked on the link were able to spend their crypto — in this case solana (SOL) — on what they thought would be the Fractal NFTs. Only they were hoodwinked and received nothing in return. As a result, the perpetrator made off with some $154,800 in SOL.

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan acknowledged that the scam took place, tweeting, "The announcements bot on our @fractalwagmi discord was hacked. Do not go to any url and connect your wallet / mint anything." Since the theft took place, the project's Discord channel has been locked down.

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