How Robin Williams’s son is using NFT art to raise money for mental health

Quick Take

  • Zak Williams, son of the late actor Robin Williams, is working with an NFT artist to raise money for a mental health charity.
  • Williams says he wants to build a “web3 community focused on mental health.”

Zak Williams, son of the late actor Robin Williams, met NFT artist Jesus Martinez through a mutual friend at a Shabbat dinner in Los Angeles back in November. The two instantly hit it off. 

“We bonded over stories about our dads. He saw his father struggle with mental health, and I see my father struggle with that. So, we related to that and our similar childhoods,” said Martinez in an interview with The Block.

They also bonded over NFTs. Over dinner, the two began to discuss ways they could connect mental health initiatives and NFTs to raise money. And they came up with an idea for a project. 

Williams is the founder and CEO of a company that sells chewable dietary supplements. He’s also an active investor in several companies and sits on the board of a nonprofit organization called Bring Change to Mind, which is focused on mental health-related issues. Bring Change to Mind is a 501(c)(3) organization co-founded by actress Glenn Close.

Martinez is an NFT artist who mentors other artists in the LA area who want to break into crypto. Last summer, a surreal, animated landscape piece he created sold on OpenSea for $38,000 USD.  

Williams and Martinez decided that they would hold an auction for one of Martinez’s pieces and that the money raised from the NFT sale would go directly to Bring Change to Mind. The NFT is going live Friday on the SuperRare marketplace for a twenty-four hour period.

“The money raised from the NFT sale will actually go directly to supporting communities in low-income areas and schools,” said Williams.