Former OnlyFans execs set to launch influencer NFT trading card app

Quick Take

  • Two former OnlyFans executives are launching Zoop, a platform for trading NFT playing cards featuring celebrities and influencers. 
  • Co-CEO RJ Phillips described the new business to The Block as “family friendly,” adding that it will focus on building community among players. 

The former CEO of OnlyFans has a new web3 venture; a platform for trading digital playing cards of celebrities and influencers. 

Known as Zoop, it will launch on Polygon in a move aimed at capitalizing on the booming creator economy. 

Launching this summer, it will allow fans to collect non-fungible token (NFT) trading cards depicting their favorite influencers and celebrities. The company says this will foster a "closer connection between fan and influencer."

It's unclear how closely involved the individuals on the cards will be in this project. 

Fans can buy, sell and trade cards, as well as compete in competitions and challenges to gain points, unlocking special rewards including access to communities with similar interests.

"In real life" rewards will also be given as fans collect sets of cards – these may include free concert tickets from record labels or custom items from fashion brands. 

The Zoop team will be led by co-CEOs Tim Stokely, a tech entrepreneur and founder of creator platform OnlyFans, and RJ Phillips, who was involved in the growth of OnlyFans. Stokely is known for building OnlyFans into a user-generated porn empire. 

Phillips told The Block in an interview that the pair wanted to build Zoop on the blockchain because they want transactions to be "completely open and visible."