The Results of TRON’s Hackathon Season 4, aka HackaTRON, Are Out

Geneva, Switzerland / May 17, 2023 / – The TRON DAO team announced the results for the fourth season of the HackaTRON. There were over 625 participants across six tracks: DeFi, Web3, NFT, GameFi, Builder, and Eco-Friendly. 500,000 USDD will be shared among the top projects.

“Our thriving community's incredible talent and innovation were on full display for this season’s HackaTRON,” said Ejaz Merchant, Developer Lead with TRON DAO. 

Judge-Selected Top Fives

The top five from each of the judge-selected tracks receives in order from first to fifth the following amount of USDD: 20K, 15K, 10K, 8K and 6K. 

The new Builder category recognizes teams returning to the hackathon that have made significant updates to their project. First place this season went to the “Farming-as-a-Service” project by Elk Finance. The remaining top five are: 

2. Galaxy Throne by Galaxy Throne

3. JustMoney Spot by JustMoney

4. TronNRG by TronNinjas

5. TronQL by TronQL

In the Eco-Friendly track, which showcases projects working towards sustainability and environmental stewardship via the TRON Climate Initiative, first place went to Ecomarket. The remaining top five are: 

2. MusiCoinCity by ElfWeb

3. CarboEx by CarboEx

4. ForGreen by ForGreen

5. BlockForest by BlockForest

The DeFi category was topped by Ergon. The remaining top five are:

2. Cloak by Cloak

3. MyFend by Fend Group

4. Sorrel Banq by Paracosm Labs

5. Swirl Ads by Team Sudo

In the NFT track, judges selected Bobbybot.Trade for first place. The remaining top five are:

2. Evoie by Evoie

3. Samhita DAO by HeritageSpeak


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4. SealKey by TRONNuggetz

5. Wine Vault by Wine Vault

The GameFi category was led by Duelers from TronJoy. Players engage, create, and conquer in the ultimate, play-to-earn showdown! The remaining top five included: 

2. RevoluTRON by Irruption Lab

3. theRevolt by Spirit-Tower

4. Cukies: Rush & Run by Cukies World


In the Web3 track, first place went to TrustSight by The TRONacles. The remaining top five are:

2. Daren Market by Daren Market

3. TronSave by TRONSAVE

4. ProvyLens by LensCrafters

5. Yinbox by Jeffrey Lewis

Feroz Lakhani, Enterprise Lead with TRON DAO, commented, “I'm really looking forward to connecting more deeply with some of the projects focused on environmental sustainability and, for fun, ‘quality testing’ the GameFi projects!”

Community Forum Winners

The HackaTRON Community Forum voted to select “community” winners, as well. Here are the projects chosen for first place from each category:

  • Web3: CryptoDo by CryptoDo
  • DeFi: Ergon by USTX 
  • GameFi: Cukies: Rush & Run by Cukies World
  • NFT: TNS Domains by SolidityGods
  • Builder: JustMoney Spot by JustMoney