Matter Labs releases ZK Credo showing push for decentralization

Quick Take

  • Matter Labs released a manifesto outlining its principles for zkSync and the broader technology.
  • It includes a commitment to decentralizing the network, reiterating the path forward for zkSync Era.

Matter Labs released a manifesto called ZK Credo reaffirming its push for a decentralized network, while stating eight principles for its network to upload.

The manifesto, which was posted on the code platform GitHub and the Ethereum Magicians forum for contributions and signatures, states that "to ensure lasting protection, the community must deeply embrace the elusive concept of decentralization.”

The manifesto expresses concern about governance power concentrating in the hands of a few. It argues that, if necessary, the community should possess the ability to migrate to a new network.

This comes at a time when the zkSync network is still centralized. Currently Matter Labs still runs the prover and sequencer on its network. It has said that it plans to decentralize the sequencer. Yet the manifesto outlines that this broader journey will take some time.

“Realizing these principles requires time and perseverance. A steady, pragmatic approach to decentralization is needed,” it states.

Moving toward hyperscalability

Beyond this, the manifesto outlines eight principles that it deems crucial. These include basic decentralization tenets like censorship-resistance and trustlessness. 

Yet it includes three principles that it argues are not met by Ethereum. These are privacy, accessibility and hyperscalability. 

The manifesto claims that zero-knowledge technology, used by zkSync, can help it achieve all of these goals. Zero-knowledge proofs are able to increase privacy and throughputs on a blockchain network.

Matter Labs suggested that other networks could adopt the ZK Credo.

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