Neon EVM launches to support Ethereum apps on Solana

Quick Take

  • Neon EVM has released a solution to let developers start building Ethereum-native applications on Solana.

Neon EVM released today a computing environment that allows developers to write Ethereum applications on top of Solana. Neon's implementation is a smart contract built on top of Solana to deploy Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) code — something that’s not been possible so far on the network. 

The development team announced the completion of the necessary tooling for Ethereum developers to transition their projects to Solana, a move, it said, could potentially reduce the operational costs of their applications.

It expressed confidence that its EVM solution will integrate effectively with Solana’s high throughput capabilities to host Ethereum apps, and is currently conducting extensive tests in this regard.

In addition to providing access to the Solana network, Neon EVM hopes to enable Ethereum apps to take advantage of the functionality native to Solana, including parallel execution of transactions.

“We are very excited to see Neon EVM live on Solana Mainnet,” said Marina Guryeva, director of Neon Foundation. “Once we repeat these tests in production, we will present the figures based on the real-world data.”

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