Spotlighting Qualifiers of HackaTRON Season 5

HackaTRON Season 5, led by TRON DAO, HTX Ventures, and BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) composed of 5 tracks: Web3, DeFi, Artistry, Builder, and A.I. while engaging 3,500 participants for a $500,000 prize pool.

Note: All prizes are issued in USDD, not USD

*Qualifying HackaTRON Season 5 participants are eligible to receive issuance of awards in USDD.

Top Picks by Judges:

The judge-evaluated category gave the first-place winner $25,000; second-place $15,000; third-place $10,000; followed by $8,000 and $6,000 for the respective fourth and fifth positions.

Web3 Track: 

  1. Bounce by The Bounce Team
  2. Thoughts by Thinkers
  3. JustMoney Invoice by JustMoney
  4. BlockFabric by BlockFabric
  5. ExploreX by Team Explorers

DeFi Track:  

  1. DebitLLama by ZKP Solutions
  2. Asset Fusion by Bundlers
  3. NRG Wallet by NRG Team
  4. Receive.Me by Receive.Me Team 
  5. Outre-Finance by Kachi

Artistry Track:

  1. LoopNFT by LoopNFT
  2. Horse Racing Bet Game by Amazing
  3. BCate by UMR_KRW 
  4. GamesFi by GamesFi_Devs
  5. World Craft by World Craft'ers

Builder Track:

  1. Tronsave by Tronsave Team
  2. Samhita DAO by HeritageSpeak
  3. dCloud: Lite by cctechmx
  4. ArtBeat by 4thFloor
  5. TronHub Microsites by TronNinjas

A.I. Track:

  1. TRON AI ScannerBot by StrandGeek
  2. TRON Assistant by Builders
  3. Pravahini by Team Pravahini
  4. TronDevGPT by TronNinjas
  5. ASCAI by Team ASCAI

Community Forum Favorites:

Top community pick gets $7,000; second place enjoys $6,000; third place earns $5,000; and fourth and fifth places secure $4,000 and $3,000 respectively.

Web3 Track: 

  1. JustMoney Invoice by JustMoney
  2. BTT Social by Team BTT Social
  3. BTTC Assets Tracker by BTTC Assets Tracker Team
  4. ExploreX by Team Explorers
  5. TraceCheck by Team TraceCrew

DeFi Track:  

  1. Wish Me Luck by USTX
  2. TronEnergize by TronEnergize
  3. NRG Wallet by NRG Team
  4. DebitLLama by ZKP Solutions
  5. Outre-Finance by Kachi

Artistry Track:

  1. AsTRONauts by AsTRONauts
  2. World Craft by World Craft'ers
  3. LoopNFT by LoopNFT
  4. Horse Racing Bet Game by Amazing
  5. DreamVerser by DreamVerser

Builder Track:


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  1. TronHub Microsites by TronNinjas
  2. dCloud: Lite by cctechmx
  3. Zombieland by Team Zombie
  4. Link´n Red by Ennovasol
  5. Samhita DAO by HeritageSpeak

A.I. Track:

  1. TronDevGPT by TronNinjas
  2. ASCAI by Team ASCAI
  3. Pravahini by Team Pravahini
  4. TRON Assistant by Builders
  5. MeloSynthia AI by Web3 Sailors

Community Contributors and Innovators Acknowledged

Top 10 community contributors receive $500 each. The winners are:











The 'Determination Prize' and 'Engagement Prize' winners are:

Triton by TritonTeam and TRONFusion by TRONFusion Team each receiving $4,500. 

Cloak by Team Cloak and Galaxy Throne by Galaxy Throne Team each securing $3,000.

Remember These Dates

Community-selected winners receive full prizes immediately, while judges' picks get 30% now and the remaining 70% after launching on the TRON mainnet by November 30.

*All prizes are issued in USDD, not USD. All non-U.S. based winners will be required to establish a verified account on HTX, attain Level 3 status and provide their TRC20 USDD address from said platform in order to receive their prizes. Winners who are U.S. persons are required to provide a KYC verified Coinbase or Kraken wallet address and accept an equivalent prize distribution in the form of USDT or USDC

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