Ninety Eight launches Starship - A Community-Driven Fundraising Platform For Builders, By Builders

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Starship, a community-driven fundraising platform designed to empower long-term builders. Starship will operate as an integral part of the Ninety Eight ecosystem, providing builders with the professional platform, consulting, 

exclusive exposure they need to bring their ambitious ventures to life.

Empower builders to garner substantial financial support at multiple stages

Web3 builders confront many hurdles, including funding in the ever-changing landscape. The current financing mechanism, which emphasizes public token sales, often fails to meet the unique needs of builders at different phases of their enterprises, inhibiting promising efforts.

Starship offers a customized funding methodology that supports builders throughout their project's development. Starship supports builders at every stage, from pre-public fundraising to first development to public token sales to community engagement to post-launch finance to growth and expansion.

Carving Our Niche: Premier and Community-Driven Fundraising Platform

Despite the rise of funding platforms, high-quality teams with solid backing and aggressive branding goals are still underserved. Current channels miss or underserve these projects, which could change Web3 but lack the resources to flourish.

Starship targets high-potential projects and tries to close this gap. We help startups secure funding to reach their full potential through its rigorous screening process and network of experienced investors. By being on various blockchains, we expand the reach of high-quality startups and empower individuals to participate in the crypto ecosystem. Our mission is to democratize crypto investment so everyone can participate in the future of finance.

Built by Builders, for Builders 

We've faced development hurdles as builders. This shared experience inspired us to launch Starship, a community-driven fundraising platform created for builders by builders.


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Navigating the journey from zero to one must be challenging, we are here to expedite and simplify this process for founding teams. We offer a fundraising toolkit to attract top venture capital firms and early funders and believers. Our crypto exchange network gives project teams more exposure in Web3's dynamic environment. Our selected partners enable timely partnerships and project synergies. Beyond finance and alliances, we help align products with target audience needs and apply successful go-to-market tactics to acquire large user bases, positioning the business as a Web3 industry leader.

Along with Starship's core team, we introduce the Starship Alliance, a thriving network of investors, exchanges, distribution resources, marketing supporters, and distinguished consultants. This alliance collaborates to guide and assist projects, promoting sustainable growth in the dynamic crypto industry.

Unlocking New Opportunities

Ninety Eight harbors an unwavering vision of leading the way towards a brighter future for all. With Coin98 Super Wallet as our heartbeat, and the addition of Starship as our catalyst, we are poised to serve as the genesis of grand visions, empowering true builders to realize their dreams and contribute to the growth and mass adoption of Web3.

We are thrilled to announce that significant announcements are forthcoming. Stay tuned for exciting updates that will further expand the Ninety Eight ecosystem and shape the future of Web3.

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