WeatherXM surpasses 1.5M station-days as they prepare for mainnet rewards

The WeatherXM network has generated more than 1.5 million station-days, as they prepare to start distribution of stations rewards on the Arbitrum mainnet. This is a significant milestone for the fastest growing weather station network in the world and one of the most promising DePIN projects.

Having more than 4000 stations deployed in 80 countries in less than two years, they rival weather station networks built by national and international organizations over many decades.

Their weather stations are designed to support the needs of a Distributed Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN): Designed for large scale deployments, are easy to install, require little maintenance, are solar powered, support WiFi, LoRaWAN/Helium and 4G Cellular communication, and come at a low price (from $400) compared to devices with similar specs. By making it easy for individual network contributors to purchase, install and maintain a station, WeatherXM enables the creation of dense weather networks that provide hyper-local accurate weather data in areas that no other weather infrastructure existed. 

In addition, data provenance is cryptographically verifiable thanks to a secure element present in all stations that allows them to digitally sign data. This web3-native weather dataset is the substrate required to build exciting new applications, such as on-chain parametric weather insurance protocols.

More than one third of the global economy is weather-sensitive and accurate weather data is a critical factor for many industries including agriculture, energy, tourism and transportation. WeatherXM makes it easy for businesses, organizations, and people in weather-sensitive industries to benefit from real-time reliable weather data and weather forecasts with hyper-local accuracy.


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