Virtual protocol unveils: The dawn of co-owned gaming AIs

Virtual Protocol is the infrastructure layer that creates co-owned, human-curated, plug-and-play gaming AIs. Formerly known as PathDAO that raised 16 Million in 2021 led by Defiance Capital, Merit Circle, Kieran Warwick. The Core Team comprises ex-BCG consultants from Cambridge and Imperial London. Virtual Protocol treasury is currently at $16 million, with our first AI DAPP using the virtual stack to go live in 2 weeks.

What is Virtual Protocol?

Virtual Protocol is dedicated to powering games with democratic AI. Think of Virtual as a library of Gaming AIs and a marketplace that connects AI contributors (the supply side) with game developers (the demand side). These developers access AI through SDKs provided by Virtual Protocol, enabling the integration of AI gaming NPCs like Pikachu, John Wick, or Mikasa into their games.

Modular Consensus Framework

The protocol employs a modular consensus framework that deconstructs an AI character, such as Pikachu, into several components: the brain (powered by Large Language Models or LLMs), the visual aspects (3D/2D assets), and the character's voice. This modular approach allows individual contributors to focus on specific aspects, such as compiling voice data or fine-tuning the speech module for Pikachu.

Contribution and Validation On-Chain

Each contribution, whether data or a model, is minted as an NFT and presented as an on-chain