Frax opens bridge access to Layer 2 network Fraxtal; plans reward snapshot today

Quick Take

  • Fraxtal’s mainnet is now accessible to users through its official bridge.
  • This follows Fraxtal’s restricted mainnet, initially for selected partner apps.

DeFi project Frax Finance opened a bridge to Fraxtal, its new Ethereum Layer 2 network, facilitating the transfer of funds for individual users.

This move follows the network’s restricted mainnet launch, initially available only to selected partner applications, including infrastructure providers such as Safe, Chainlink, Axelar and LayerZero.

The expansion lets users deposit assets, including ETH, CRV, sfxETH, and others from Ethereum to Fraxtal.

Developed as an Ethereum-compatible optimistic rollup using the OP Stack, Fraxtal is set to become part of the Optimism Superchain ecosystem, aligning with other players like the Coinbase-backed Base, Mode,