Coin98 super wallet pre-installed on JamboPhone, fostering Web3 adoption across Asia

Coin98 Super Wallet is excited to announce its partnership with Jambo, the visionary creator of the JamboPhone and a leader in developing Web3 infrastructure for emerging markets. This partnership is dedicated to driving the adoption of Web3 technologies in developing areas, starting with Coin98’s home market in Asia. The key part of this initiative, Coin98 Super Wallet will be pre-installed on JamboPhone, the first “earn phone” for emerging markets, enabling instant and convenient access to Web3.

The partnership between Coin98 and Jambo is driven by a shared vision of making Web3 accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographical location or background. The JamboPhone, preloaded with the JamboApp and Jambo Ecosystem of partnered applications, is specifically designed for emerging markets and has opened doors to the digital economy that was previously out of reach for many. By pre-installing the Coin98 Super Wallet on every JamboPhone, more users across Asia will be able to engage seamlessly with cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications (dApps) at their fingertips. 

This collaboration represents a significant milestone