zkLink Nova Launches Aggregation Parade with $ZKL Incentives

zkLink Nova, the industry’s pioneering Aggregated Layer 3 zkEVM rollup network based on zkSync’s ZK Stack & zkLink Nexus, is launching the first season of its rewards campaign titled, ’Aggregation Parade’.

The campaign aims to encourage participants to migrate to the Layer 3 Nova mainnet by offering unparalleled reward-bearing opportunities for various crypto tokens such as ETH, L2 Natives, Stables, LSTs & LRTs. The campaign, which began on March 14, 2024, will run until April 14, 2024, providing a month-long window for users to capitalize on these offerings.

The Aggregation Parade features the exclusive Nova Lynks NFT collection, specially created to celebrate the launch of zkLink’s Layer 3, Nova. These unique NFTs play a central role in the campaign, offering holders of the NFTs a share of a prize pool of 10,000,000 $ZKL tokens. Additionally, the campaign promises to offer seven other different chances to earn rewards, making it one of the most ambitious rewards campaigns in the cryptocurrency domain.

During the first season of the campaign, users who participate in the campaign will be rewarded with Nova Points, which can be converted into zkLink merchandise and ZKL tokens at a later date. 

Nova Points can be earned from 3 different sources;

Bridging: Users are required to bridge through the canonical bridge to participate in the campaign. Deposits into the Nova network will instantly receive a 10x bonus boost on the value of their tokens. 

Staking: Users will be able to receive staked rewards on multiple token classes including stablecoins, native L2 tokens, and derivatives such as Liquid staked tokens (LST) and Liquid restaking tokens (LRT).